Kindergarten 2 Curriculum

Kindergarten 2 Curriculum

Practice and Play: Getting Ready For Primary 1!

At 6 years old your child is beginning to make better sense of the world he or she lives in. Children at this age thrive on facts, hence our Kindergarten 2 curriculum not only engages them in a comprehensive range of topics through practical and play techniques, but prepares each child to confidently embrace new opportunities for growth – in the next phase of formal primary school education.

Language & Literacy

The knowledge-based Bright Juniors English thematic curriculum continues with the inclusion of a new topic on Primary One Readiness. Through vibrant practical lessons and school visits, the programme comprehensively addresses every child’s desire to know what to expect in primary school after they graduate from preschool.  

As our K2 children advance in their ability to listen and speak, they are also taught more complex sound patterns through a series of amusing stories in the charming world of Letterland. Blending and segmenting exercises enhance their understanding of phonemic awareness. Together with constant exposure to high frequency words our K2 children are strengthened in their ability to caption drawings by writing and spelling their thoughts independently.

With newfound writing skills that promote reading ability, our bright young ones are always excited to choose from a range of books for their reading pleasure. The Rigby Rocket Readers system enables our children to enjoy reading independently by reinforcing the reading skills they have acquired, thus growing their voracious appetite for stories in the written form.


Building upon our children’s accumulated knowledge of mathematical concepts, the Bright Juniors Kindergarten 2 mathematics syllabus includes more advanced concepts in patterning, estimating, standard units of measurement (lengths, mass), 3D geometric shapes, time, money, and numerical values of 1-100. With our child-centric, play-based approach, Bright Juniors educators teach and facilitate learning and children’s participation through fun hands-on activities, games, puzzles and quizzes.

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