Preschool Curriculum

At Bright Juniors, we want every child to receive reliable care and affordable preschool education. Settled in a resourceful, safe environment, our children are motivated to listen, think and learn as they explore, experiment and discover. The overall curriculum package at Bright Juniors consists of four-focus areas:

  • Thematic Topics in English
  • Integrated Mathematical Concepts
  • Phonics & Reading Skills
  • Thematic Topics in Chinese

Our curriculum is designed to expose young learners to a wide variety of subjects and materials based on real-life examples and scenarios.  Adopting age and level appropriate multi-modal, multi-sensorial approaches, the Bright Juniors curriculum involves interactive activities that provide our inquisitive, inquiring children with engaging lessons throughout the hours they are with us. Our in-house mathematics curriculum is uniquely designed to progressively establish our children’s formative preschool learning over the years.

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