Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Curriculum

Two children playing in playground.

Building Promising Foundations

We build promising foundations for our “littlest” ones (age 18 months to 3 years old) in playgroup and pre-nursery by grooming them to develop and acquire basic life skills, knowledge, and independence. Our trained educators purposefully apply a set of age-specific, proven pedagogical techniques to introduce ideas and concepts that capture and engage our children’s inquisitive minds. Exercises include active listening and speaking, music and movement, songs, rhymes, games, art and craft, as well as imaginary role-play and puppet play.

Language & Literacy

Bright Juniors uses a highly-acclaimed phonics-based approach to reading, writing and spelling from the UK known as Letterland. The children love crafting stories from abstract phonic patterns! By the end of pre-nursery with us, our children would have been able to recognise the memorably unique Letterland characters and letter shapes, identify vowels and match objects with their corresponding sounds.

The Bright Juniors comprehensive literacy programme instills a love for reading in our little ones as an introduction to reading for life. Besides illustrations, real-life photographs are shown to help our children understand and relate better to various topics.


The Bright Juniors integrated Math curriculum builds up cognitive reasoning through heuristic hands-on learning to acquire simple yet strong foundational skills for early learners. Children are equipped progressively through fun games, puzzles and quizzes that encourage exploratory learning and spark curiosity in mathematical thinking. 

Chinese Language

In sync with the MOE syllabus, the Bright Juniors Chinese programme for pre-nursery focuses on conversational Mandarin with the introduction of age-appropriate vocabulary and Chinese characters through rhythm and song.

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