Nursery Curriculum

Young girl riding a tricycle

Enhancing Confidence and Love for Learning

Children between the ages of 4 and 5 have a natural curiosity and creativity for everything and anything that goes on around them. They are at the centre of their own world, and their imagination is at work all the time. At this age, they are also learning to be good companions to other children. At Bright Juniors, we tap into these natural states to enhance our preschoolers’ confidence and love for learning and socialising.

Language & Literacy

We offer a knowledge-based thematic curriculum that allows our nursery children to explore a wide variety of subjects and materials in the learning environments they are in. Language and literacy form a major part of this learning process, the mastery of which will enable our children to discover for themselves a fascinating world of knowledge and skills as they become more skillful in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Bright Juniors uses a highly-acclaimed phonics-based approach to reading, writing and spelling from the UK known as Letterland. In nursery, our children will become familiar with the Letterland characters and the phonemic values associated with each so that they can identify, sound and write the letters of the alphabet. They will also learn that letters come together to form words which can be read by their beginning, middle and end sounds.

Our nursery children are also introduced to a series of guided reading lessons that incorporate graded reading by the Rigby Rocket Readers to support literacy skills development from emergent, to intermediary, to advanced levels. Using straightforward, uncomplicated language, our reading materials are carefully selected from a variety of fiction and non-fiction books.


From counting, to recognising patterns, to spatial awareness building, our integrated Math curriculum for 4-5 year olds is designed progressively to enhance our children’s confidence and ability to learn new and more complex mathematical concepts. By the end of the Nursery year with us, your child will have a greater understanding of numerical values 1 to 5, a keener perception of space, and develop the ability to compare objects through exercises such as sorting, matching and patterning.  

Chinese Language

In nursery, our hands-on Chinese language curriculum emphasises conversational mandarin in everyday situations. The children develop an interest in learning Mandarin and build on their language skills through fun and interactive activities including penmanship, word recognition though rhythm and songs, and an appreciation of the Chinese culture through celebrating festivals and events in school.

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