Kindergarten 1 Curriculum

Two children examining a teddy bear

Kindergarten 1 Curriculum

Exploration and Discovery

By the time your child turns 5, he or she is actively exploring and discovering an abundance of knowledge and experiences through our Kindergarten 1 curriculum. As educators, we want to be able to effectively teach our children a range of concepts and skills that ensure they continually make sense of relevant information and apply newfound knowledge to real-life situations.

Language & Literacy

We cater to our children’s increasing curiosities through our knowledge-based English thematic curriculum. It explores a wide variety of subjects and materials through age-appropriate themes that include self-discovery, animals, plants, environment, food, and festive celebrations.

Through the Letterland phonetics syllabus our children, besides becoming more familiar with the alphabet and their corresponding sounds, will increase in penmanship skills. Our structured approach builds their phonemic knowledge which in turn grows their ability not only to recognise and recite the alphabet (both upper and lower case) but to read, write and spell 3-5 letter words independently. Your child will also understand how digraphs and trigraphs work, and how to progress from verbally expressing their ideas to putting these down in writing.


The progressive nature of our mathematics curriculum ensures that our children build on past knowledge while gaining new information. Enhanced cognitive skills include the ability to classify, measure length and mass, and count sequentially from 1 to 20, using a range of multi-modal activities that make learning ceaselessly fun and engaging for inquisitive 4-5 year olds.

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