We offer an integrated thematic curriculum at Bright Juniors that is knowledge-based and allows young learners to explore a wide variety of subjects and materials. Our aim is to effectively teach our children a range of concepts and skills that ensure they continuously learn relevant information and apply newfound knowledge to real-life situations.

Simultaneously, our skills-based approach consists of the Bright Juniors’ in-house Mathematics and Literacy Programmes.

Our Mathematics Programme emphasises equipping our children with a strong mathematical foundation through heuristic hands-on activities, fun games and quizzes.  The progressive nature of this programme ensures that children build on past knowledge while gaining new information. When more complex components are introduced, our children learn to assimilate and accommodate new knowledge to accomplish balanced learning.

Our engaging Literacy Programme uses the acclaimed Letter land phonological series and Readers, to cater progressively to different class levels of children from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2. Both aspects of the programme hinge on multi-modal and multi-sensorial approaches, which are age/level appropriate, and highly interactive, using music, actions, movement, songs, art, craft, games, role-play, rhyme and social interaction. Children are thus motivated to listen, think and learn.

Our children are introduced from as young as Pre-Nursery, to a series of graded reading that develops their level of literacy from emergent to intermediary and advanced readers. Using straightforward, uncomplicated language along with vivid illustrations and real photographs, our Literacy Programme aims to enhance our children’s confidence and love for reading and writing. 

Our language curriculum for Playgroup focuses on opportunities that develop language through listening and speaking. Recognising younger children’s shorter attention span, lessons revolve around music and movement, engaging the whole body, and using puppets to capture the interest of our little ones.      

Enquiry-Based Curriculum

Self-Exploration & Discovery: Providing meaningful experiences for children to explore, experiment and discover. English Thematic Curriculum: Teaching with real life materials and exciting resources. Making learning come alive within and outside the classroom. Integrated Math Curriculum: Equips our children with a strong mathematical foundation through heuristic hands-on activities, fun games and quizzes. Phonics & Reading: Unique and systematic, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling for 3 – 6 year olds Chinese Curriculum: Aligned with the MOE primary school curriculum, our Chinese Curriculum focuses on conversational Mandarin, penmanship, word recognition using rhythm and songs and appreciation of Chinese culture through celebration of events. Field Experience: To provide our children with an opportunity to understand and appreciate nature, enhance their leadership abilities and independence, and to instill skills to face challenges in their daily lives with greater confidence.


Magic Tiles Encourages exploration, posing questions, seeking answers and promotes imaginative play, storytelling, language development and more. Pen Pal Whizz Blending digital technology and traditional learning methods, transforming conventional printed materials into interactive tools that can emit responsive voices or sounds of any languages. Shadow Spelling Use of shadow puppetry to encourage children to spell in a fun and engaging manner.